Guille Cura

Web & graphic designer with over 6+ years of professional experience. In addition I love to draw, and I am a fan of engines and cars. 🚀

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Hi there!

I am a graphic designer from Montevideo, Uruguay. I enjoy all the projects related to the design, the areas that most interest me are; logo and brand design, web design, UX / UI. I also like the web designs develop, in recent years I learned a lot working with developers.

I think that in all areas the design is the process in the search for solutions, it uses context and creative disciplines to solve problems, usually communicative. Visual communication seeks to convey sensations through signs, forms and colors. This tools need transmit values, ideas, and even personality.

I act proactively integrating diversity and not afraid to change. I know that reality can be transformable, so I think to future scenarios and act in the present to achieve them. An example of the innovation and new ideas is the humour and game breaks, which facilitate the processes necessary to produce originality.

When I'm not working on design projects surely you can find me spending time in a car workshop. I like traveling and driving, walking paths and landscapes for inspiration.